Our Mission Statement
The Andover Elementary/Middle School is fully committed to helping all children of Andover prepare for the challenges of our constantly changing society. We, the Andover Elementary/Middle School Community – families, administration, faculty, staff, students, and the wider community of the town, will work together to embrace and generate intellectual, physical, and social-emotional growth opportunities targeted at strengthening our children’s abilities and taking into account the unique needs and dreams of children. We understand that continual evaluation of programs and assessment of student achievement are vital to the success of our programs. We also understand that diverse teaching techniques, community participation, faculty education, and open communication are equally important.  
"Soaring to be the best we can be!"
K-3 Summer Reading Challenge
Over the summer, students are encouraged to continue reading 20 minutes each day!  Look for the Summer Reading Scavenger Hunt Map that students in grades K-3 are bringing home.  Students are challenged to try some of the fun reading ideas on the map and bring their completed reading log back to school in September for a surprise!  




Always Be Respectful

Everyone is Responsible

Make Good Choices

Safety, First, Last and Always