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Our Mission Statement
The Andover Elementary/Middle School is fully committed to helping all children of Andover prepare for the challenges of our constantly changing society. 

We, the Andover Elementary/Middle School Community – families, administration, faculty, staff, students, and the wider community of the town, will work together to embrace and generate intellectual, physical, and social-emotional growth opportunities targeted at strengthening our children’s abilities and taking into account the unique needs and dreams of children. 

We understand that continual evaluation of programs and assessment of student achievement are vital to the success of our programs. We also understand that diverse teaching techniques, community participation, faculty education, and open communication are equally important.  

"Soaring to be the best we can be!"


  • Britta Johnson, was named National Geographic State Bee Semifinalist by National Geographic Society

  • Smarter Balanced Testing for grades 3-8 will begin in March.  Please visit the Smarter Balanced link to the left for more information.

  • February Safety Educator Newsletter here! 

  • Andover Taxpayers Return on Investment... Andover School District Budget Information link

  • Andover Community Cable Channel 16 on TDS!

    Andover Community Cable TV is now available on TDS Cable Channel 16 (as well as on Comcast Cable Channel 8). If you're a TDS cable subscriber and you aren't receiving anything on TDS Cable Channel 16, then turn off the power to your cable box; wait a couple of minutes; and turn it back on. TDS says that should fix the problem.


5th Grade High Honors

Julianna Baptiste

Sasha MacKenzie

Sophia Reynolds

River Turnbull

5th Grade Honors

Morganne Budgett

Bryson Cate

Madison Colby

Anthony Hammond

Jeremy Johnson

Maura Kelly

Wesley Koziol

Brynne Makechnie

Lily Menard

Garrett Niemyer

Jesse Niemyer

Cassidy Piroso

6th Grade High Honors

Kyleigh Fanny

Lilly Furtkamp

Jazlyn Perkins

6th Grade Honors

Emily Abrahamson

Katie Bent

Colin Coolidge

Cedar Kiedaisch

Ethan Meyerhoefer

7th Grade High Honors

Hannah Asbury

Ryelle Jenifer

Riley Keezer

Vienna Marcus

Garrett Munson

Savannah Simonds

7th Grade Honors

Tori Braley

Will Furtkamp

Alexis Geyer

Robert Schwendler

8th Grade High Honors

Alexis Cate

Lexi Emeny

Britta Johnson

Aidan Kellogg

Nelson Makechnie

DJ Rankins

Julia Royal

Sofia Weber

8th Grade Honors

Matt Bent

Camden Donovan

Savannah Drewry

Hannah French

Teigan Friedrich

Jared Frost

Ryan Gotthardt

Ezra Jenifer

Jack Newton

Samantha Parkman

Myles Powers

David Reynolds

Matt Reynolds

Zachary Shipley

Keygan Sweeney    



Geography Bee Winner, Britta Johnson

Eighth Grade student, Britta Johnson, was named National Geographic State Bee Semifinalist by National Geographic Society

Britta Johnson has been notified by the National Geographic Society that she is one of the semifinalists eligible to compete in the 2015 New Hampshire National Geographic State Bee, sponsored by Google and Plum Creek. The contest will be held at Keene State College on Friday, March 27, 2015.

AEMS celebrates Chinese New Year with a dragon made up of Mrs. LaRoche's 4th graders!


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Make Good Choices

Safety, First, Last and Always    

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