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4th grade Science, 4th and 5th grade Math-Deana Crucitti


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About Mrs. Crucitti:
This is my tenth year as an educator and my third year in the best school on the planet.  I have my Masters in Education and a Bachelors in Behavioral Science.  I am currently working on my CAGs in Leadership and School Climate. I have been living in Andover with my husband and son for the past 15 years.  We love visiting the ocean and camping.  Some of my favorite things to do is read, spend time with friends, kayak,and watch football!

Image result for animated communication phone and emailYou can reach me at 735-5494 from 7:00-7:40 or 2:45-4:00.  
The best way to reach me is by email at:Mrs. Crucitti's email .


Homework Policy:
Homework will be assigned daily and posted on line
( click on homework link).  Students will also write all homework in their student planner. Recess detention will be given if homework is not completed.



Science Journal

          A science journal is a written record that you will be keeping of what you are learning in class.  We very rarely use a textbook in science.  Instead, you will be writing in your journals everyday such as taking classroom notes, answering journal questions, drawing graphs, and making observations.  Journals are 25% of your total science grade and will be checked for periodically throughout the trimester for neatness, completion, and quality.  You will be filling in the entire journal with writing and drawings by the end of the year. 


Classroom Rules and Expectations:
  • All students MUST come to class prepared.  Being prepared means that you have something to write with(pencil for math), science journal, assignment book, being on time,  and having a GREAT, POSITIVE attitude!   
Math Chapter Books for kids: a list of more than 10 titles
So, with the help of my 15 year old, I’ve compiled this list of math chapter books and story collections where mathematical concepts are an important character. Best of all, even if your child’s favorite subject in school is art, all of the books make math accessible and tell a good story. {Note: as always, I’ve chosen these books based solely on my – and my son’s! – personal opinion. Affiliate links are included for your convenience should a book peak your interest.}

Books for Kids with Science Concepts



Science-y chapter and picture books that are NOT non-fiction, that make science fun and accessible, and excite a child’s imagination. Yep, it’s taken a while to find enough books that fit this criteria to make it to 10 but I think these are worthy of this list. What do you think? What non-fiction science-y books do you and your children like? Are there enough to actually make this a new children’s lit. genre? Now THAT would be exciting!




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