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2nd Grade - Gretchen Hildebrand

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Fall:  Insect Hunt
         Insect pets
         Mystery insects

Insects is our first unit of study this fall.  We have been on an insect hunt and taken charge of pet mealworms.
They are fun to observe!
There is a lot to write about!

Hooray for another school year filled with discovery, learning and fun!

We have been so busy with the business of working, thinking, practicing and studying.

  We follow the Common Core State Standards

Our Curriculum includes:
                 LIFE     Insects                                   
 PHYSICAL  Balance and Motion                  
 EARTH Pebbles, Sand  and Silt     
                          Social Studies:
Our Community/ Family and Traditions / Ancestors / Global Grasp

enVisions Math 2.0 
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FUNdations Program:
word study, phonics, spelling

Integrated Literacy Blocks:
Reading Just Right Books
Writing Stories and Poetry
Learning to read non-fiction texts
Writing non-fiction notes, diagrams, reports
Free choice reading and free choice writing

social and emotional curriculum

MEDIA (Library Skills)