Classroom Happenings

Classroom Rules 2016-17
Use kind words and actions
Listen when someone else is talking.
Keep your body to yourself.
Keep your mind on your work.
Be helpful.

Why do we have rules?
They help us know what will happen next.
They make us comfortable, safe and secure.
They make it easier to learn.
They keep us out of trouble.

In early September we went on a BUG HUNT!  We found insects and their predators.... a snake, toad, salamanders, and spiders.

On our 'hunt' we observed all of our finds...caterpillars, beetles, ants, crickets, a pupa to show INSECTS.  Evidence of insects included finding their predators: spiders, toads, a snake, and salamanders AND some oak apple galls!  It was a lot of fun and a relief to know that we could find our own backyard insects.

The students wrote, learned and performed their own Halloween play - Which Witch is Which? ./// starring our twin second graders, Ari and Fifi Johnson.  We had a blast!
We learned about the oak apple gall wasp and how she lays an egg in the vein of an oak leaf.
As the leaf and egg each grow, they make a chemical reaction that makes this 'ball' called a gall.  You can see inside it is a tiny hard 'bed' for the wasp larva.  It grows in there and is cushioned by the little hairs that connect to the walls of the ball... sort of like a hammock!
Look for them on the rail trail where you see oak trees.