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3rd Grade - Jay Hubbard

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Mr. Jay Hubbard
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603-735-5494 (AEMS office)

Our school has been working on work study habits. Our class has been learning and practicing work study habits. Below is a slideshow to some work we have done in class.


A theme of our classroom right now is...
    Perseverance + The desire to do hard work = Grit
Students have been making weekly growth mindset goals and assessing their progress.
This work derives from the work Angela Duckworth has been doing on grit
We have been connecting grit work with the work of Carol Dweck on growth mindset
Think about it: the density of a person's brain and even its physical weight can change depending on their level of commitment to cognition. Students' are taught this and they generate goals as a logical road map for their hard work. It is empowering and amazingly motivating for students.

Third graders are expected to read every night for at least 20 minutes. They also have a reading log to fill out nightly. Written homework usually consists of a small amount of math work. This work is meant to reinforce skills taught at school. 

We have started learning about multiplication. Right now we are connecting the concepts of addition and multiplication. We have been using equal groups, number lines, and pictures to reinforce the concept of multiplication. Right now the focus is on understanding the process of multiplication. We refer to the multiplication sign(X) as sets of for example the equation 3X5 would be read three groups of five.
The expectation is that multiplication facts will be memorized by the end of third grade (we will be working on them a lot this year). 

We are beginning to read just right reading books. Your child should be reading at least 20 minutes every night.

For our word study work we are now reviewing different syllable types from second grade. The study of these syllables helps students know the vowel sounds in unknown words. I am hoping students will transfer these skills into their independent writing. 

We have been researching all kinds of things in our world. For example we found a small snake the other day and researched the NH fish and game website. We determined the snake is a milk snake. There was a lot of debate but the belly pattern gave it away. 

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