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Kristy LaRoche: klaroche@aemseagles.org 735-5494

Image result for boat on the oceanSAILING INTO 4TH GRADE!                          
  QUOTE OF THE WEEK:  Each week we will be discussing and connecting an inspirational quote to our lives while practicing cursive.




  •  check homework folders and planners every night with your child
  • check with your child before removing anything from their folder or bags
  • Please help your child to become more independent by guiding them when packing their homework, lunches/snacks, and bags instead of doing it for them.
  • It is helpful to make sure their bags are packed the night before so there is less stress in the morning.
  •  set up a nightly routine to do homework and make sure you share with your child what's happening during the week so they can work on time management
Mrs. LaRoche's book club code: MCBMM
if sending in an order - no cash please