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Grading in all classes grades 6-8 for MATH

Formative Assessments: 25%

Summative Assessments: 75% 


Formative: Given throughout the learning process, formative assessments seek to determine how students are progressing through a certain learning goal.

  • Homework/Classwork: Checks for understanding
  • Review What You Know
  • Problem of the day/week  (Mastery challenges)
  • Topic Readiness Assessment      
  • Vocabulary 
  • Lesson Quizzes

Summative: Given at the end of a lesson or unit, or mid/end of the year, summative assessments assess a student's mastery of a topic after instruction.  

  • Mid-Topic Assessment
  • Topic Performance Task
  • Topic Assessment
  • STEM Project-Project including Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math

Math Class Expectations

Daily routine...

Beginning of Class- When you enter the classroom, you are to immediately,   

1) Make sure you are prepared for class (PFC’s)

2) Pull out your homework

3) Find your seat

4) Begin the math warm-up if there is one on the board.

PFC's include:

Pencil, Agenda book, math journal/notebook, and textbook.

Homework/Classwork: Should be neat, written in PENCIL, and all answers should show evidence of how you came up with the answer.

Sharpening Pencils- This should be done at the beginning of the class. I suggest purchasing some mechanical pencils and lead.

Individual Work Procedures- Students will work without talking during individual/independent activities at all times.

Group Work Procedures- Quiet talking (a soft whisper) is allowed in groups. Only ONE person will be allowed to get out of his/her seat at a time if needed to receive materials.

Quizzes/ Testing Procedures- Students are expected to remain silent  during the entire assessment time. If there are any questions, students should raise their hand to be recognized. Talking amongst classmates is not appropriate.

Talking and Asking Questions- If you have a question, PLEASE raise your hand and wait to be called upon. Please remember to listen and respect others as they are talking.

Language- Students should use appropriate language in class at ALL times. “Shut up” is not appropriate language. Profanity will no be tolerated.

End of Class- You are to wait to be dismissed by the teacher. The teacher will not dismiss the class until all materials are returned (if applicable) AND the classroom is neat and returned to original order!

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