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Smarter Balanced

What is the new Smarter Balanced Assessment all about? Click here to find out.

The work of Smarter Balanced is guided by the belief that a high-quality assessment system can provide information and tools for teachers and schools to improve instruction and help students succeed – regardless of disability, language or subgroup. Smarter Balanced involves experienced educators, researchers, state and local policymakers and community groups working together in a transparent and consensus-driven process.

The Smarter Balanced Practice Tests provide a look at sets of assessment questions aligned to the Common Core for grades 3–8 in both English language arts/literacy and mathematics. 

Practice test are available for grades 3-8, in math and language arts. The smarter balance assessment will be given on line and students will need to be able to navigate through the assessment as well as understand the technology that is required.

For you and your child to get a better understanding of what types of questions and material your child will be tested on, please have them try the practice tests, with your guidance, by follow these steps...

  1. Visit http://www.smarterbalanced.org/practice-test/
  2. Proceed half way down the page and click on the following image
  3. Proceed to bottom of page and click on the following image
  4. To log in to the Practice Test, simply select “sign in” and on the next screen select the grade level and "Yes" 

We recommend that all parents and students take some time to review the materials found on the following website. 

In addition you may find this document helpful.