Special Education

    • Some students start kindergarten two years ahead, others at grade level and others up to three years behind their classmates.
    • The academic skill level of a child on the first day of school has a huge impact on the rest of the child’s educational career.  
    • If he starts ahead, he has a strong beginning, if he starts behind he continues to struggle.
    • Children make anywhere from two to seven years of pre-literacy and language growth from birth to age five.


                      ( Fielding, Lynn.  

Extraordinary Parents.  Kennewick: The New Foundation Press, 2009.)



 Our role as Special Educators in the Andover School District is to provide a Free Appropriate Public Education to  students with disabilities between the ages of three and twenty-one as required by the legal mandates of the New  Hampshire Department of Education.

 We will accomplish this through the following measures:

 · Assessing students in all areas related to the suspected disability

 · Accessibility to the regular curriculum

 · Consideration of how the disability impacts the student’s learning

 · Developing goals and objectives that most appropriately meet the needs of the student

 · Choosing a placement in the least restrictive environment

 Special Education Staff

 Judy Turk
Director of Special Education/Assistant Principal
Holly Gagne
Special Education Case Manager
Lynn Tiede
Special Education Case Manager
 Van Horn
 Occupational Therapy Assistant
Stephanie Croteau
Special Education Assistant
Selina Jacobs
Special Education Assistant

 Stacia Martin
Occupational Therapist

 Brenda Lance
Speech Language Assistant
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 Alicia Williams
Special Education Assistant
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