Importing and Organizing Your Google Docs

Users can import files and folders into Google Docs/Drive individually or a number at a time. Here are the steps.

1. From your Google Docs/Drive page click on the Upload button located next to the “Create” button.

2. Select the files and folders you would like to import

3. Choose whether to convert files from their existing formats to Google Docs. (i.e. from Excel to Google Spreadsheet)

4. Note: if you are importing a folder, Google will create a new collection to match the folder.

Once you have your files and folders imported, there are multiple tools built into Google Docs/Drive for organizing and storing them. You can store your files in collections, set custom colors to collections, and remove unused items from your “Home” view to keep it free from clutter.

1. Collections are similar to the folders you are familiar with using on your computer. However a file can be a part of multiple collections allowing greater flexibility. For example, I can have letter to a parent regarding their child’s progress on their Senior Project in two collections: Parent Communication and Senior Project.

a. See this video details how to create collections in Google Docs/Drive

2. Files and collections can be further organized using colors. This may help you visualize what goes where.

3. Another tool for organizing your Google Docs Home hide documents from the home view. You can do this by selecting the document then right clicking on it and choosing “Don’t show in Home.” After doing this you will still be able to view the document in the “All Items” folder or in any collections where you have placed the document. See this video

a. Note - new documents always show up in Home. Home is where you start and this will show when someone has shared something new to you. At that point, if you don't want it to show in home, check it and choose Don't Show In Home.