Student Assistance Program

What is the Student Assistance Program?

The SAP program provides support to enhance positive coping skills and early education regarding the impacts of substance use on the developing adolescent brain. The program uses the evidence-based protocol of Project SUCCESS to provide alcohol and drug prevention and early intervention. Adolescence is a time of change and there are a variety of factors that may contribute to stress in a young person’s life which can ultimately put them at risk for experimenting with drugs and alcohol or other dangerous behaviors. By utilizing these supports it may enhance the overall health and aid the student’s life during the time when the adolescent brain is still developing. These supports can strengthen personal success and along with the ability to make positive decisions.

Andover School’s SAP Counselor, Kim Haley, provides confidential support services on a variety of topics to students individually and through small group discussions. Kim also provides school-wide education through curriculum coordination with Health teachers and other outreach activities. Referrals to Kim can come from a variety of sources including parents.

You can reach Kim by email:

What I can help with includes:

Improved communication skills, refusal skills, relationship building

Increased perception of competence and self-worth

Increased confidence in making decisions

Increased self-reliance and coping skills

Increased ability to manage self, choose healthy risks, resolve conflicts, and problem-solve

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Helpful Information and Resources

Andover April 2020 Parent Alcohol Awareness.pdf
Andover April 2020 Student Alcohol Awareness.pdf
Andover Stress Management Flyer.pdf