Christine Frost, RN

phone 735-5500   fax 735-6108

Head Lice Awareness letter.pdf


Andover Elementary Middle School has a full time nurse. The role of a school nurse is to support student success by helping to keep them healthy, safe, in school and ready to learn.  Please contact the school nurse with any questions or concerns regarding your child's health, as well as with any changes in your child's medical history or medications.


If your child will not be attending school, please call the Health Office @ 735-5500 prior to 7:45 a.m. and leave a message.   Please leave your name, student, name, and nature of illness or reason for absence.  If we do not get a note ahead of time or hear from you that day, the nurse must contact a parent or guardian that morning to account for the whereabouts of each missing child.  This communication aides in the tracking of illness and assures school officials and parents that all children are safe and accounted for every school day.


If a student is injured or becomes ill during school hours, the nurse will assess him or her. Emergency first aid and support measures will be provided until a parent or guardian can be contacted. Any Child who has a fever (>100°), vomiting, diarrhea a contagious and or undiagnosed rash, or at the discretion of the school nurse, will not be allowed to remain in school until symptoms have resolved. Your child will be released only to a parent, guardian, or adult authorized by the parent.


Children who have a 

fever (>100), vomiting and/or diarrhea should not come to 

school and should not return

 until they have been 

symptom free x 24 hours. 

Keeping sick children at home means 

they keep their viruses

 to themselves  rather than

 sharing them 

with others.